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TTS Price Match Guarantee

We know it's difficult getting a balance between great products, great service, expertise, and a great price as well.

In the past, the cheapest place to buy from, has often been an unheard of, internet operation, with no published address, and no landline phone number! Whilst these are sometimes actual trading companies, the product that arrives is often incorrect for the purpose, difficult to contact when a warranty issue occurs, and without the advice that is often crucial. They are also unable to offer expert fitting and setting up.

Since the introduction of the TTS Price Match Guarantee, this is no longer a problem. You can get the right product, at the right price and fitted expertly.

If you find a reputable supplier that has the expertise and stock, we'll price match them also!

How the TTS Price Guarantee works..

If you spot a product that you require, advertised elsewhere, at a lower price than on our website, or quoted by us, we will match it there and then.

We even attempt to match quotes for a workshop job, but may need to highlight what level we complete the job to, and often it is difficult for a customer to get a like for like quote. However in 90% of cases we can match a written quote for workshop work also.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more details on the terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions..

Why should I buy from you, if the price is the same, but not better?

We offer added value in many other areas.

a) We can advise you on the correct parts, and support you when fitting it.
b) We often have many of the items we sell in stock, for immediate dispatch.
c) We have a full mail order department on site, so you are guaranteed fast and efficient, insured and well packaged dispatch.
d) We can offer a one stop shop with an expert fitting service all in one place.
e) We have won many customer service team who will ensure your experience with us is a great one

How do you know I'm not just making the price up?

We ask for proof of the price that we are matching, for obvious reasons. This can be a link to the website, or an email form the supplier if it's a deal not on their website. A verbal offer is difficult to match, so always ask for an email quote.

If I spot a lower price and get a price match from you, can I actually buy it in 2 months time?

When we price match, it has to be for that point in time, as cost prices, exchange rates and stock levels can change daily.

I have seen the product on eBay coming on a small boat from Hong Kong, will you match that?

It is not posisble to price match products coming into the UK from abroad. All our products are from official sources and tax paid.

I have seen a guy on the forums that works from his bedroom at his parents house, and he sells things on the side. Will you match his price?

We would try to match all suppliers, although we can only guarantee matching official suppliers.

On very few occaisions, a supplier with no support back up, no expertise and no overheads may be able to supply a product unofficially (most major manufacturers do not supply these tyre of operation, so the product would no be supported y warranty)

I have seen it on a website, but they do not have it in stock and can't get it for 2 weeks. You have it on the shelf, as always, will you mach their price?

There is a cost incurred by the major stockists to hold stock for immediate dispatch and the customers conveneince, so this becomes moe difficult, but when asked, we can let you know if it's a price we can match we'd like to try for you! (so you can get it quicker!)

I have had the part fitted by you last summer, and have now seen an offer by another company, will you match their price and give me my money back?

As prices from the manufacturers change regularly, as so exchange rates, this is not possible.

I have got you to order in the part and I have paid for it, but I have since it for sale cheaper, what then?

If a price has been agreed and we have incurred cost getting it delivered, it may not be possile to revisit the sale price.

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