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950016 - Revo Stage 3 Software – 2.0TFSI

Revo Stage 3 Software – 2.0TFSI

Revo Stage 3 software has been specifically developed to compliment a proven package of extensive engine modifications. It allows the user to choose one of several turbo charger upgrades in addition to exhaust and intake upgrades. Our Stage 3 tuning is very aggressive and depending on the hardware package you opt for will yield up to 200% power gains over standard horsepower figures*. For this software to run efficiently and reliably, a strict hardware build list must be adhered to. The individual tested components are listed on each specific car’s application pages. The optional Select Plus is highly recommended for this range of software to guarantee the optimal performance gains achievable.

Stage 3 software disclaimers: Revo Stage 3 software has been developed to operate within specific parameters according to manufacturer’s tolerances and aftermarket manufacturer’s hardware specifications. Installing Revo software on vehicles with hardware modifications other than those specified can cause unsatisfactory performance and possible engine damage.

If you have any questions about Revo stage 3 hardware compatability, contact us for details.

  • Revo stage 3 power gains are dependant on specific hardware, settings and fuel quality.
  • Revo Stage 3 software is only available for certain model/engine types, please contact us.

For more information please see our Revo FAQ.

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