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950015 - Revo Stage 2 Software – 3.2 V6

Revo Stage 2 Software – 3.2 V6

Revo Stage 2 software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from cars with more extensive bolt on performance modifications. The Revo Stage 2 software is tuned on vehicle applications using a 4 bar fuel pressure regulator, a quality aftermarket performance exhaust system and a good air intake induction system. Furthermore, our Stage 2 software can be used with a de-cat exhaust for race or track use. The tuning style is more aggressive than the basic Revo performance software, and will typically yield 10-15% more useable power.

Working in conjunction with an optional SPS device, Revo’s Stage 2 software can be finely tuned to each customer’s preference of drivability.

Stage 2 software produces 10-15% for power when used with:

  • An aftermarket performance exhaust system
  • A 4 bar fuel pressure regulator
  • An optional aftermarket diverter valve
  • And a Revo SPS

Most of our Stage 2 performance software is complimented by multiple performance programs, anti theft programs and user friendly variable table changes that become accessible when you purchase an optional Serial Port Switch. This will give you access to many different levels of enhancements built into the Revo performance software and ensure you are getting the most from any optional bolt on tuning accessories.


Most Revo Stage 2 performance software is programmed through the vehicles Serial Port. This allows us to reprogram you’re vehicle without lifting the bonnet, and will be downloaded into your factory ECU in just over 10 minutes!

For more information please see our Revo FAQ.

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