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100014 - Loba Motorsport - TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump

Loba Motorsport - TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump

The Loba 2.0 TFSI fuel pump will give a fuel volume increase of more than 40% and can sustain over 130 bar.
The fuel pump meets the very high requirements needed for the latest generation of OEM High Pressure Fuel Pump specifications.

The materials Loba decided upon are of the highest possible quality and for this particular application.
Multiple stages of various precision machining, hardening processes, coating processes and quality inspections characterise the HPFP.

Tested to over 8,500RPM both in controlled environment and on the track/road to simulate a large range of dynamic conditions.
Doing so was an important part of Loba's design parameters to ensure the Loba pump meets the highest standards.

Loba HPFP is assembled with a special chemical anti-wear and anti-friction lubricant for inital start up protection.
It comes brand new, pre-assembled, fully checked, tested and ready for installation.

Price: £620.00 inc VAT
$632.42 (approx)
€728.20 (approx inc. VAT)
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