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600550 - Aquamist Water Injection Kit 1S

Aquamist Water Injection Kit 1S
aquamist is ERL's latest generation of water-injection equipment.

The main function of these systems is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure developed within the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point by either a turbo or a supercharger.

Water, with its high latent heat content, is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in the modern leanburn engines. ERL's latest products are designed with great care to ensure each system meets the highest standards of both electronic and mechanical reliability.

Aquamist is about the only product to date that comprises precision-made components for the sole job of injecting water, each individual part is carefully selected and designed to work with water and alcohol mix.

Aquamist has been extensively employed in the top works WRC cars since 1997, top names include Ford, Subaru, Skoda, SEAT and Hyundai are amongst the top runners of the professional list plus countless number of privateers.

The following paragraphs will unfold the mysteries of all the reasons behind the concept of Aquamist water injection equipment.

System1s is triggered by boost only, the trigger point is determined by an adjustable pressure switch installed in the manifold (3-30psi).

Apart from effectively cooling the inlet charge, water's main contribution is predominately used for in-cylinder cooling and detonation control. Once the detonation is under control, the boost can then be increased further to achieve more power gain.

Which Aquamist will suit my car?
All our kits are stand alone systems, it can be fitted to any turbo or supercharged engine.

1. My turbo car runs standard boost, would water injection increase the power output?
Water injection will not increase the power normally. But in countries where the ambient temperature is very high, injecting water will lower the inlet charge temperature and produces power increase.

2. I would like to increase my power output by increasing the boost pressure, would water injection help then?
It all depends, if you have good quality fuel and the ambient is not too high you can normally get away with 2-3 psi of boost increase without using water injection and will not run into detonation problems. On the other hand, if you DO NOT have good quality fuel and the ambient temperature is high and there is a slight tendency to engine knock, water injection or a bigger intercooler is essential.

3. Should I upgrade my intercooler or get a water injection system first?
They do different jobs, intercooler makes the air denser and thus giving more power. Unfortunately more power means higher combustion temperature and pressure, so water injection is becoming a more important addition to prevent the onset on detonation due to peak pressures and peak combustion temperatures.

The natural progression would be to retaining your stock intercooler and add water injection to supplement the existing cooling capacity of the stock system, charge temperature in particular.

When you decided to go all out for big power, the entire system would have to be upgraded, not just intercooler, turbo, up and down pipes etc.

4. So I need to buy both at the same time?
Ideally, yes. Given that water injection can cool the inlet temperature as well as suppressing detonation, so water injection should be your prime consideration, as an intercooler cannot perform in-cylinder cooling.

5. I want to increase my boost pressure to maximise the full flow range of the original fuel injectors, would I then need water injection?
Definitely yes, by stretching the fuel supply capacity to its limit, the Engine management would have lost its ability to dump fuel to assist the cooling of the combustion chamber, the running temperature will increase and soon bring about the onset of detonation and eventually lead to engine failure.

6. How much water do I need?
From the mild to the very wild, the quantity of water injected is normally between 10% to 25% related to fuel flow.

7. Canít I use a windshield water pump to do the same job as the expensive Aquamist system?
No, Aquamist system uses water pressure in excess of six bars, It is vitally important to atomise the water properly so each cylinder receives the same amount of water as well as performing intercooling in the inlet tract.

8. How do I prevent the water from freezing in winter?
Use a 20% Methanol/water mixture or use "windscreen additives" that contains Methanol (wood alcohol) or Iso-propanol (rubbing alcohol), check it before purchase. Methanol is better than other forms of alcohol and is totally compatible with Aquamist products. Avoid using Ethanol based additives such as De-natured alcohol or Methylated spirit.

9. Why is Methanol better?
Methanol itself has a octane number of 113. Not only does it improve your fuel quality, it will also give you a better intercooling effect in the inlet tract.

10. What is the maximum alcohol/ water ratio I should use?
No more than 50%, otherwise you will increase the cylinder temperature rather than reducing it. Beyond that ratio, onset of detonation is more likely. Methanol freezes at -96 deg. C, 50% mixture will stop the mixture from freezing at around -40 deg.C.

11. How do I store 99.8% pure Methanol?
Methanol is highly flammable, store it in a well ventilated place. It is better to dilute it with 50% water immediately before storing it.

12. Can a handyman like myself install the Aquamist system?
Yes, It will take approximately 2 hours, you need to drill a 7mm hole for the jet, thread tapping tool is supplied with the kit. Make sure that the tip of the jet is protruding through the inner wall of the inlet tract or at least flush with the inner wall.

13. How long does it take to install a System2s?
Approximately 5-6 hours, including setting up, a 20-page manual is supply with the system.

More information car be seen:

Download fitting instructions here: Aquamist System 1S Fitting (1.1mb PDF)

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