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600305 - BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox

BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox
BMC are constantly developing new solutions and checking new materials in the test room. One of BMC research’s results is the CDA filtering system (Carbon Dynamic Airbox). It is a cylindrical airbox in real carbon fibre containing a washable filtering element. Substituting the original airbox with a CDA gets a real dynamic supercharging system that enables the engine to get much more cold air and at a greater speed compared to traditional systems.

With the patented system the air is drawn into the engine with a very small pressure drop. The CDA system also includes a black alloy ducting (60 cm length) for connecting the system to an air intake on the front of the car.

As proved by dyno tests, the CDA has remarkably improved the power and torque performance of the engine.

Fitment to the TT is relatively simple taking no longer than an hour to complete by a competent mechanic, alternatively these can be fitted at our performance workshop.

Although the CDA kit uses a generic carbon airbox, the fitment varies by air mass meter aperture. There are 3 variants of BMC CDA kit for the Audi TT:

  • TT 150 / 180bhp – CDASP 05 
  • TT 225bhp – CDASP 02
  • TT 3.2 V6 – CDASP 17

    We are a main BMC Authorised dealer, fitting of the product can be arranged. Please contact us for details.

  • Price: £259.82 inc VAT
    $265.03 (approx)
    €305.16 (approx inc. VAT)
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